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My novel Unfashionably Late is out now, and I'm working on an art compilation book for my next release.
Please keep track of what I'm up to on my website. I only update when I have something to say, though.
Sorry for disabling comments, but I don't want people to think I'm ignoring them when I usually just have nothing to say in response other than "Thanks!"
That reminds me: thanks!


Yurei Costume Why Not by vcfgr
Yurei Costume Why Not
Fire hazard warning! Only do the blacklight thing if it doesn't get hot!
Norota (maybe Noroita) is the yurei-lookin' character in Dowman Sayman's Paraiso manga.
If you still don't have a costume, there's still time!
The Hanged One and The World by vcfgr
The Hanged One and The World
Maxine's letter is mem, which gives us the Hanged Man card (recently available as the Hanged One in some decks.) It resembles too closely the typical cartoon snare trap, downfall of exactly zero roadrunners. And who better to set one off, huh?
Terry, short for Therese, could have been teth or tav, but some research showed that tav was the better choice. Good thing, too, since T is derived from tav, whereas teth gave rise to the Greek theta instead. As tav is the final letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the World is the final card in the deck. Quite apropos for the well-traveled Terry, the last of the core group of six to surface.
Sometimes I like to count the original Dubmarine version of Audrey as the "seventh in the gang of six". Her letter is aleph, which would be the first in the alphabet. However, its card (the Fool) is numbered 0 and sometimes considered to come after the World! The Fool is shown setting off on a journey, usually about to walk right off a cliff. Sounds like a book I wrote.
The Tower and The High Priestess by vcfgr
The Tower and The High Priestess
Fawn's Hebrew letter is pe (also fe), the Tower card, which usually displays a tower being struck by lightning and collapsing like the Tower Of Babel. As the Tower Of Babel is considered the source of the world's languages in the Bible, I felt it was appropriate to display it as a falling stack of books. This also works because pe is the Hebrew letter which matches the Latin letter P (print, pen, paper, press) and both are derived from the Phoenician letter pe, believed to have been a drawing of a mouth.
As there is no natural "j" sound in Hebrew, they improvise by using a geresh mark with a gimel. Convenient, then, since Gisele's name starts with G, one of two letters analogous to gimel, (the other being C.) This gives her the card of the High Priestess, often flanked by the Masonic pillars of Jachim and Boaz, shown here as bottles of alcohol. (J&B whisky, perhaps?) One can only imagine what sort of sect would put her in charge.
Another interesting Biblical/Dubmarine-related tidbit: Boaz was the husband of Ruth.
Every Supermarket by vcfgr
Every Supermarket
Every single time without fail. First installment in a planned series. Will it last?
I can't tell whether this is a "page" or a "strip".


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